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○ History
- 2002year, 3month corporate foundation.
- 2002year, 5month GOMUGOMU Character License conclusion of a contract.
- 2002year, 5month spider-man Character License conclusion of a contract.
- 2002year, 7month spider-man automobile article lanuch.
- 2003year, 3month transfer office.
- 2003year, 4month 'MASQUE' store brand launch.
- 2005year, 'M-bag series' launch.
- 2006year, transfer office.
- 2007year, 'IVY-series' launch.
○ company summary
- company : yagiyagi Co.,Ltd.
- CEO : Kim, gyung hee
- address : 529-1, Neung Pyung-ri, Opoup, Gwangju-si,
   Gyeonggi-do 464-892 Korea
- Phone : 82-31-726-0548
- Fax : 82-31-726-0294
- e-mail :
- homepage :
○ CEO message
A world is changing everyday.
But there are unchanged things though.
To plan and design the products which are faithful to human nature pursuing more convenient and better things and are faithful to human nature is our job. And our products are evaluated by people in the world.
Although there would be both good and bad sayings, our challenge to better life will be continued.
Learning from the world and hoping that we could give a little change to the world, we would like to be given an advice and blame with willingness.
529-1, Neung Pyung-ri, Opo-up, Gwangju-si, Gyeonggi-do Korea (Zip code 464-922)
Tel-82.31.726.0548 / Fax-82.31.726.0294
Msn :
E-mail :
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