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○ YAGIYAGI is...
We, YagiYagi Inc., were established as an specialized company in mobile phone and auto accessories in 2002. With mobile phone and auto accessories, we have focused on unique designs by any bright ideas inside and strongly cooperated with the companies of famous character licenses such as Miffy, 뿌까, and Spiderman on the base of license contract outside. Without confinement of production and marketing in domestic area, We have been trying to find the best place of a suitable cost and the best quality. Moreover, we are willing to run so fast anywhere to start a business as long as our products are
○ Masque is...
It is a brand new Brand of YagiYagi Inc. for auto accessories in 2003.
It proposes active and sporty styles to those who love cars and want to express their cars to their personalities.
We focus on active and sensuous young people who lead fashion and trend with the strong expression of their personalities.
We are keeping on proposing fashionable styles to those who are adventurous and pursuing better life on the base of expression of personality with Masque
It is a new brand created on the motto of "a necessity with simple and good design". It has been evaluated good with simple , daring design and new material like silicone.
In the beginning of steering wheel cover, we are expanding product lines to auto accessories such as cup holder, gearshift cover ,handbrake cover, and auto perfume and living supplies as well.
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